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Our Story


Rod Dooley and Daniel Winn each pastored respected and impactful churches in Cedar Rapids for fourteen years. Over those years Oakhill Jackson Community Church and Cedar Rapids Family Church both existed with similar visions for the people of Cedar Rapids and its neighboring communities.

On April 13th of 2017 Daniel and Rod began discussing the idea of merging the two churches. The idea soon grew beyond their discussion to a realization that God was asking them to lay down their ministries to become one church.

Together, the leadership of CRFC and OJCC began to pray and seek counsel. They too agreed that God was asking them to work together to grow His kingdom. With all the hatred, racism, and separation of lives in our country, it seemed like God was asking them to give the people of their city a new picture of His love.

With the full support of the people of each church the articles of merger were signed on December 7th, 2017, and New City Church became a reality. The first service of New City Church was held on the first Sunday of 2018.