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H3 Youth Conference

November 3rd, 2018


H3 invites you to experience Heaven on Earth.

We were made in His Image, so we are heaven on earth.
How do we LIVE like it?
How do we THRIVE so that it is a continuous reflection of heaven?
And how do we PLAY?  (Because heaven is by no means a boring place).
What gifts has he given you to display here on Earth for His glory?

H3 Youth Conference

This November 3rd, youth from all over the heartland will gather at H3 Youth Conference to call on the Name of Jesus — name that is above all names. They will be empowered to live out Spirit-filled and Godly lives using practical components for everyday living. 
Are you ready?

Each of the breakout sessions will revolve around these three topics:

Live. Thrive. Play.

Then, go out and be Heaven for others to see.



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