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Playlist - the rhythm of your life

The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ explanation of what it looks like to live as one of His followers.  In the series ‘Playlist’ we believe that Christ taught that these words should be the playlist that create the rhythm and sound of our lives as Christians.  In many ways Jesus’ teachings during the Sermon on the Mount both challenge our lives and change our lives.  We pray that you will accept both the challenge and the change that His words bring.


Pastor Peter Rambo

Playlist - Part 12: Jesus On Gates and Fruits
July 21, 2019

Dr. James Coyle

Playlist - Part 11: Jesus On Judging
July 14, 2019

Pastor Daniel Winn

Playlist - Part 10: Jesus On Money and Possessions
July 7, 2019

Pastor Rod Dooley

Playlist - Part 9: Jesus On Prayer
June 30, 2019

Pastor Daniel Winn & Pastor Rod Dooley

Vision Sunday
June 23, 2019

Pastor Daniel Winn

Playlist - Part 8: Jesus On Giving - Father's Day
June 16, 2019

Pastor Matt McFarland

Playlist - Part 7: Jesus On Revenge & Enemies
June 9, 2019