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This is Us

In the series ‘This Is Us’ we’re talking about the authentic family that God has made us to be at New City.  In John chapter 15 Jesus refers to the members of this family as his friends.  A friend is a disciple of Jesus, and a disciple of Jesus is his friend.  We at New City are learning what it means to be both a disciple and a friend.


Shabaka Williams

Humble Enough to Get Cut
November 4, 2018

Pastor Daniel Winn

This Is Us: Courage
October 28, 2018

Pastor Rod Dooley

This Is Us: Authenticity
October 21, 2018

Pastor Everett McCoy

What Do You Want From Me, God?
October 14, 2018

Pastor Matt McFarland

Walking In Unity
October 7, 2018