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Ordinary People Sermon Series

All people have been made with the same ordinary need to be satisfied in life. We all hunger, we all thirst, we all need to be loved, and we all need freed from our sinfulness. We all have basic ordinary needs that we need satisfied in life. Throughout the Bible, throughout history, and in our present day ordinary people have been changing our world. Over the next few months we’ll be looking into the lives of ordinary people just like us that God has used to do extraordinary things.


Pastor Rod & Karen Dooley

Ordinary People - Married People
September 22, 2019

Pastor Daniel Winn

Ordinary People - Relational People
September 15, 2019

Alyssa Sanford

Ordinary People - Young People
September 8, 2019

Pastor Rod Dooley

Ordinary People - Broken People
September 1, 2019

Pastor Daniel Winn

Ordinary People - Hungry People
August 25, 2019

Pastor Rod Dooley

Ordinary People - Thirsty People
August 18, 2019

Pastor Rod Dooley

Playlist - Part 12: Jesus On True Disciples
August 11, 2019

Guest Speaker - Pastor Dan Berry

A Time for Every Purpose
August 4, 2019

Pastor Peter Rambo

Playlist - Part 11: Jesus On Gates and Fruits
July 21, 2019

Dr. James Coyle

Jesus On Judging
July 14, 2019

Pastor Daniel Winn

Playlist - Part 10: Jesus On Money and Possessions
July 7, 2019